Improve Takeoff Accuracy

Interested in taking off in half the time? On-Screen Takeoff is the comprehensive, detailed, solution you have been searching for. Don't take my word for it. Review the advantages below. Chat soon!

Highlight, Measure, Record with ease

Manual processes are slow, but tried and true. Moving from manual takeoff to electronic takeoff has never been easier. On-Screen Takeoff follows the estimators process, and “if it’s colored, it’s counted.” Linear footage, areas, and counts are automatically collected with simple click and drag of the mouse. Real time recording saves hours of back and forth from plans to the ledger or Excel.  

Stop manually summarizing takeoff

Double, triple, quadruple checking takeoff summaries for accuracy costs time and doesn’t guarantee everything is accounted for. Worrying about manual mistakes or oversight in the summary are no longer necessary. Summaries are automatically built as each area is taken off. View the customizable summaries in real time or when takeoff is completed.

Eliminate re-takeoff on projects

Instead of retaking off a whole floor or an entire set of plans – quickly takeoff changes or repeating assemblies on each floor with typical groupings. This prevents unnecessary rework and eliminates lost productivity counting similar items.

Never miss a change order again

Changes to drawings happen all the time, and finding the smallest changes can take minutes if not hours. Instead of spending time scouring for those changes, simply upload the new plans and compare to the current set. On-Screen Takeoff’s industry changing overlay technology will quickly show where the changes occurred and highlight them in blue.  

Streamline RFI communication

Getting RFI responses can be time consuming and difficult, especially when trying to get everyone working on the same document. Don’t waste time going back in forth, improve efficiency by copying and pasting plans with takeoff, notes, and annotations to submit as part of the RFI. This will simplify RFI's and eliminate wasted time on interpretation.

Integrate with QuickBid, Excel, & Accounting

Everything starts with the takeoff, but if the information collected isn’t easy to use or requires re-entry into another system to be useful, valuable time is lost. When using On-Screen Takeoff access to the important data is a click away. Export into Excel, one of 14 integrated Accounting systems, or build cost estimates in real time with QuickBid.